How To Do Successful Linkbait [Part 2]

In the previous post How to do successful Linkbait, there are two steps we mentioned while continuing the article i got more points for successful linkbait so here are the more important steps for Better linkbait.


Step C

Publication and Promotion…

If you’ve created linkbait that meets the guidelines laid out so far, this should be the easiest part of the process: getting your content in front of viewers, and encouraging them to share.

1. Content placement

Your linkbait should probably reside within a blog or static page apart from your main site. If you’re creating linkbait for a commercial web property, putting it within a commercial section of your site is a recipe for failure. Blogs act as a means to reach out to the community in a non-salesy way. Blogs also provide excellent, easy to use tools to enhance the sharing of the linkbait by viewers.

2. Enable Easy Sharing

There are dozens of tools to help your readers share content they enjoy with others. Facebook integration, Twitter integration, social news voting buttons, and any other sharing facilitators should be used. For infographics, include easily copy able snippets of code for bloggers to use to easily syndicate your content to their blogs.

3. News Aggregators,, Stumbleupon, and many other social news and bookmarking sites should be your first stop in promotion. you will have a higher likelihood of success on these types of sites if you have accounts that have a history of participation.

4. Blogger outreach

With hundreds of thousands of bloggers, it is likely there are several thousand bloggers with moderate readerships within your niche. By creating linkbait content that would appeal to the audiences of these bloggers, you will have a very easy time convincing them to post your linkbait. Present yourself as a seasoned reader of the site simply passing along an interesting piece of content you found that you thought their readers would enjoy.


Reviewing and Enhancing…

Once you’ve created and begun promoting your linkbait, there is still work to be done. The best linkbaiters out there squeeze the most out of their linkbait in the following ways.

1. Piggybacking

If you’re getting solid traffic from linkbait you’ve recently promoted, use that traffic to help you launch your next piece. It is smart to have at least two pieces of linkbait in the pipeline for just this reason. It is surprisingly easy to piggyback one success on the back of another.

2. Getting all the links you deserve

Many people online who share your content may not provide proper attribution or links to you as the creator. This is especially true when creating and promoting infographics. Use sites like to track down and find bloggers who have taken your content without linking back. Email them and get all the links you deserve.


Measuring Results…

The final step in the linkbait process is measuring your results. The following metrics should be recorded and compared to other attempts at linkbait success.

1. Social Sharing

How many diggs, reddit votes, facebook likes/shares, tweets and so on did your linkbait receive?

2. Links

Links were the main goal, so how did you do? Yahoo site explorer, SEOmoz’s Linkscape, Webmaster tools and others should all be utilized to track your links as they are created.

3. Key Sharers

Look through your referral logs and the links you have built. Were there any extremely prominent people who shared your content? Any of celebrities or top bloggers? Use this as an entree to starting a relationship with these key influencers.

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