How To Do Successful Linkbait [Part 1]

What is LinkBait?

Linkbait is content created for the purpose of receiving links from other websites, specifically blogs.

Why Use LinkBait?

Linkbait is one of the most effective ways to generate links to your website or bog. By developing fascinating content and promoting it in the online community, you can create an active base of advocates for that content that can lead to its viral distribute online. Successful Linkbait can generate hundreds or even thousands of editorially given links to your site or blog. These links in turn will enhance your site’s rankings in the search engines.

successful linkbait



The linkbait you create should be related to the topic of your site. Consider the significances of the title of your Linkbait, as the anchor text of the links you produce will play a considerable role in the rankings upgrades you will see.

In order for linkbait to have the best shot at success, it should meet the following criteria for Stickiness.

1. Simplicity

The concept must be easy to comprehend by your audience at a quick glance. They should be able to easily pick out the benefit they will gain by reading your linkbait.

2. Unexpected and Credibility

Your linkbait should present something new, or present something old in a new way. One more thing if your linkbait smells of spam, or your facts don’t add up, you’re sunk.

3. Concreteness

Your linkbait should have a clear thesis. It should be able to be explained in terms of sensory information. Ambiguity is boring, specifics lead to interest.

4. Emotions and Stories

In order for people to share your linkbait, they must care about the idea. Consider your audience and what their primary motivational emotions might be. Empathy might be good when targeting mothers, while irony or sarcasm might be better when targeting teens.
Stories carry ideas into the real world. Relating your ideas through examples gives your visitors a reason to feel connected.



Quality is very important when it comes to linkbait. You’ve probably noticed the increase in content on the internet in the past few years. The bulk of it is mediocre. Professional level writing, layout, and design are very important. Don’t skimp on production.

1. Creating the content

Whether the content is created by you, someone in-house or a third party freelancer, it is important to maintain control over the qualiity and reliability of the content you create. You must keep a careful eye on the content as it goes through production and evaluate how well it fits the original idea and goals as it is being created.

2. Timelines and Edits

It is important to make sure you give yourself extra time to complete projects. There will be a good deal of back and forth with your writers and graphic designers to end up with a finished product that you are proud of. If you are working with a freelancer, remember that they are probably not on the same schedule as you, so plan your timeline accordingly.

3. Branding

It is important to make sure your linkbait is cohesive with your website and your brand. Make sure you make it clear who it was created by, but avoid connecting your product or service as this seems like a sales pitch and will take away from reliability, making you come off as a manipulator or spammer.

Stay connected friends How To Do Successful Linkbait [Part 2] will be on SearchEngineMag very soon….

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