How To Create Offer Extensions in AdWords

AdWords Offer extensions make your ads more effective and attractive to catch the attention of searchers. Offer Extension allows you to add a link to your ads with more attractive offers, deals, discounts, coupons and more for your customers. Google AdWords Offer Extension allows you to use up to 60 characters to explain the deal, expiry and limitations.

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How Offer Extensions Work

The most interesting thing about the Adwords Offer Extensions is that customer can redeemed the coupon online or can print out the coupon and use it as physical voucher to use in store.

It means advertiser have two option either online or In-Store. If go with Online method then the visitor will taken to the page on website where customer can redeem coupon online. But if go with In-store method then the customer will taken to the page hosted by Google, where they can print, email or SMS the voucher or save the offers in Google my offers page at and use it for later.

You can engage customers with offers that relevant to what they are searching for. E-Commerce companies who are using AdWords, there is a chance to run offers alongside their ads and can improve CTRs.

Advertisers can measure the performance of their Offer Ad extensions by tracking metrics like clicks, impressions, number of offers printed, saved and emailed as well as online conversion.

How to create Ads with Offer Extensions

  • Create an Adwords Campaign, Offer Extension is avail at campaign level only
  • Go to Ad Extensions Tab and Choose Offer Extensions
  • Now Fill out the Offer Extensions form start with Offer Headline
  • Fill out Redemption Start and End date
  • Now Choose discount type from Percent, Amount and Other
  • You can also include Offer restrictions like customers have to spend a certain amount to get offer.
  • Now you have to upload image – you can choose any existing images from display ads or upload new one, your image should be a .gif, .png or .jpg and should not exceed 100×100 px.
  • Now Choose redeem option from Online or In-Store (Physical Voucher)

For better response advertisers should host their offers and deals on Google with Offer Extensions rather than their own website. AdWords Offer Extensions will increase loyalty with current customers and attract new customers too.

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