How To Create Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads are differ from other ads as Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) don’t use your keywords, this ads routinely display your ads structured on your website’s content. Every Day Google got 16% of new searches so this is very challenging to manage huge list of keywords which can execute on all of your ads. Dynamic Search Ads will allow users to show ads automatically based on the content of website. AdWords Dynamic Search Ads use Google organic indexed pages to trigger your ad when a appropriate search happens.

google dynamic search ads

Dynamic Search Ads are very useful for those who have plenty of products on their websites that increasing day-to-day.

Benefit Of Dynamic Search Ads

AdWords Dynamic Search Ads will save your time because you don’t have to give time to manage all your ad texts, keywords and bids. DSA will make the best ad text related to content of your website.

DSA will generate ad headline automatically according to the searches which relevant to your product and target the relevant landing page to this ad text.

You can control your campaign very well with the help of DSA, you can specify website categories and pages to show and also prevent some not to show.

Dynamic Search Ads Target Options

All Webpages – You can target every page (which indexed on Google Organic Search) of your website with DSA.

URL Targeting – You can target certain URLs or URL strings of your website, it means subfolder that stand for your own categorization.

Category Targeting – This is not your website’s categorization, here DSA uses Google’s organic indexed pages to establish theme of your website and create own categories. You just have to choose one category from drop down menu recognized by Google Organic Search.

Page Title Targeting – This will take from the title of pages. You can target pages with titles that include certain words.

Page Content Targeting – This will take from the content of your WebPages, like if you want to target all WebPages which have certain words this can be target through Page content.

With Dynamic Search Ads, you can also exclude pages of your website that you don’t want to advertise on Adwords.

How To Create Dynamic Search Ads

  • Login to your AdWords Account
  • Click on New Campaign button
  • On Campaign settings page in “Ad extension” select Dynamic Search Ads extension
  • On DSA extension, enter your domain name in the box and choose a language
  • Now click on Save and continue

Dynamic Search Ads enhance your existing keyword-based campaigns to produce more clicks and conversions with fewer efforts. Dynamic Search Ads are available in all countries and languages as a limited beta, to use DSA you have to join the interest list and see the terms.

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