How To Become Google AdWords Certified Partner

Google is offering certification to the agencies which are dealing in the online marketing and offering the adwords as the part of the marketing. After completion of this certification you will get a logo that you put on your website to show your ability in Google AdWords.

adwords-certified partner

Requirements to become a Google Certified Partner is pretty straight forward. below are mentioned the requirements:

1.Your mcc must have spent $10000 in ninety days period now you will ask how the mcc will complete this much of amount so you can complete this with your  child account linked to the mcc.

2. The biling address should be present in the country where this certification is provided by the google.

3.You must be having an individual working in your company who is Google Adwords Individually Certified and his profile should be linked to the company profile.

4.One must have to accept the terms and condtion of the google

How to set up the company profile

First of all log in to the Google Certification Program choose company certification link your mcc and then link your google qualified indvidual employee. you can check the mcc performance  very time you log in to the certification program protal.

The biggest hurdle in this certification program is the spend limit because initially once you are new in the business its very hard to get the client who are ready to spend that much amount with you that too for a long time. once you are certified partner you will 100 dollar for your new aquisition of the client that you can use for your client and for your business benefit.

I know the amout is not a very big amount but for the new clients who are not very much keen to spend anyting you can show him something and once you have put the logo on your site it gives a whole lot of confidence to the client that you are expert in adwords and he will feel like he is safe hands. according to me the best benefit is that google will put your name in their protal of the certified partners by which clients can directly search for you according to their needs if they put the data to refined and customized search and you are eligible then google will show them your profile. so it simply means Google will refer your name to the client and eventually Google will help in you business expansion.

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