How To Advertise On Mobile Apps Through Adwords

Google announced that AdMob Mobile ads will now be available in Adwords. This means that the advertisers will now be able to run campaigns through the Admob network which consists of more than a quarter million (300,000) mobile apps, from within the Adwords interface. This step will not only benefit Google but also the mobile app publishers. Admobs currently hosts ads on more than 2 million websites.

The director of product management for mobile ads, Jonathan Alferness, said in a blog post, “It also helps AdMob developers and publishers increase their revenue by giving them access to a large number of new advertisers”.

Mobile advertising has become a core part of marketers’ and publishers’ digital strategies, helping to fuel business growth and great content.”

Many of the Google’s over 1 million Adwords advertisers also run campaigns through Admob, which to this point had been part of another system. This will give the advertisers the option to directly make ads appear in mobile apps. They can also focus on particulars like device models, manufacturers, and even app categories in Apple App Store and Google Play. All said, the Adwords campaigns will only focus on cost-per-click campaigns at the present moment. It is said, however, that they will incorporate CPM campaigns at a later stage.

This move will likely make it much easier for the advertisers to give mobile advertising a serious shot. This will be quite a relief since still many advertisers have been slow to embrace mobile for advertising purposes. The growing closeness( and continuous usage) of users to mobiles as compared to computers and like may also help to give mobile advertising the boost it has always needed.

The two-year anniversary of Google’s formal $750 million acquisition of AdMob has just passed and all this just shows Google’s seriousness in incorporating the mobile ad network into its ongoing businesses.


Google claims that the extended platform integration will boost the popularity and demand for mobile advertising. Facebook, a relatively newcomer into mobile advertising, made a similar shift this week by opening up its ads on its mobile app to all its advertisers, not just the ones who could cough up enough for premium ad packages.

How to advertise on mobile apps through adwords, the steps are here –

Click on “create a new campaign” when you are on campaign setting page then click on the campaign type and select “Display Network Only (mobile apps)” and set your campaign.

admob campaign creation

On Device you can select from Mobile devices and Tablets or can select both, advance features are also there like you can choose Operating Systems, Mobile Models and even Carriers and Wi-Fi connection, now click on continue.
Now you are on Ad creation page, here you have options for text or image ads. If you go with text ads, Headline of ad text have limit of 25 characters and description section have 35 each as same as text ads for search network.

admon campaign adwords

Here comes the most important part “Mobile App Placements” from here you can select on which Operating System’s App you want to promote and even you can search for particular app on which you want to promote, after the selection just click on save and its done.K59DYRT6X2D5

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