How to achieve SEO technique after Penguin Update?

After Panda Update recently Google has launched a great software for recognizing Black hat SEO i.e. Penguin Update. This software will verify your SEO strategies deeply so you should take care of it before doing anything. There are various steps by which you can achieve SEO techniques over the Penguin Update. SEO is an awesome way to market your product easily and properly but you should take care of below steps.

penguine update for seo

Firstly you should understand your link profile before posting it. To overlap Penguin Update you should take care of it. The biggest risk factors are a combination of lots of low quality links with targeted anchor text so keep in mind some key strategies like, anchor text distribution, the link type distribution (for example, article, comment, directory, etc.) and domain authority and page authority distributions. You must also learn the quality of good link like; it should come from respected brands, sites, people and organizations, exist on pages that lots of other sites link to, it provide value to the user, are within the content of the page and not replicated many times over on the linking site.

For optimizing your website and get away from Penguin Update it is important not to change your product URL. It is extremely common to change URLs for various reasons like new design, new content management systems, new software, new apps, etc. but don’t do this. It will do serious damages to your site.

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