How StumbleUpon Can Bring Massive Traffic To Your Blog?

Earning heavy traffic for your blog is a very slow process and requires your regular effort. Social sites are the easiest media to attract a huge traffic for your websites or blog. It is often seen that mass rely upon the common sites including linked in, twitter or facebook for grabbing traffic for websites. Somehow it is often noticed that StumbleUpon remain as an ignorant kid due to the misconception of people. They often think that it is a common bookmarking site but the real fact that the traffic earned by this site could be double than any social sites. Once you start using it you will be astonished to see the effect. There are few things that you need to keep in mind if you want to generate popularity through StumbleUpon.


Complete profile-

You need to ensure that your profile is complete as an incomplete profile of any stumbler lacks the impression. Moment you become a part of StumbleUpon, the traffic for your website generate and this is what actually permits the stumbler to think that complete profile is not required. Website with stumble’s full profile tends to generate more followers and reduces the chance of any oblivious views of viewer.

Never submit unattractive page-

Try to ensure that the pages you submit are not in bulk and are ignorant from spam. Pages that are sent in bulk often fail to arrest the attention of others. Try to stay regular in your submission of 3, 4 pages daily. Use your extra time in networking or exploring other parts of techno world. Provide only useful link as every like in a page ensures like for the other pages too and hence successfully allot you with ample traffic.

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Remain active-

if you are looking for wonderful results that you have to remain active over StumbleUpon or else it will remain as any bookmarking site. Stay active and follow more people, these are two basic mantras to get attractive conclusion. .

Images caste more spell than words-

it is true in case of traffic generating via StumbleUpon. Contents decorated with quality image are known to earn more traffic than those which lacks them. Infographics are often welcome by stumblers and hence adding video to your content could act as one of the wonderful trick.

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Never mix up-

Never mix up the information and try to categories them as it is easy to understand. Whenever you gratify a page than number of question is generated for selecting category for your page. Tags could be added to the page so that it appears more attractive and English should be the selective language for your page. English being common language always has mass appeal. Wrong spamming may result in defaming your link and proper submission may result in lots of visitor.

Utilizing –

This URL is an abbreviation for one of the services rendered by StumbleUpon that earns thrice traffic for your website. This service facilitates stumbling the search of your pages by others easily.

These steps will surely help you to gain massive traffic for your page or website. You will go crazy when you will see the results.

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