How Local Businesses Can Increase Their Twitter Reach with Buffer

Without a doubt, as a local business you have more things to accomplish in a day then you have time. Combine this with the fact social media is a necessary evil of marketing and it needs to be “fed” regularly and you have a perfect storm to feel overwhelmed. Thank goodness there are several tools available to help us maximize our time with efficiency, but first, we need to know what they are if we want to utilize them.

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For example, if your business leverages some great programs to manage its social media, you can gain some stability and control over this situation. Using Buffer to schedule your tweets is one great example of this suggestion. You may be wondering at this point how Buffer can help your local business increase its Twitter reach. Easy. It allows you to optimize the amount of time you spend on Twitter while giving you access to tools that allow you to track your tweets results. Together, your local business has a powerful combination in which you can put content out to your followers, assess results, tweak the tweeting process, and repeat.

Schedule your tweets. It’s impossible to sit in front of your computer all day sending tweets. This is where a program like Buffer comes in. It allows you to regularly schedule your tweets. Therefore, you’re able to space them out and increase the number of times throughout the day your followers may see a message from you. Another great feature included in this program is a link shortener that will take care of that pesky item without you having to lift a finger. This step is a vital one to maximizing the use of your limited 140 characters per tweet.

And, if you’ve read my other articles, you also know including a link is a key part of any tweet. It’s important to schedule a mix of content to share. Although you’re obviously going to be sharing content from your local business blog or website, you should also plan to share content from other on Twitter. Re-tweeting stories and quotes from other help make Twitter a community and can also build relationships with your followers by sharing their content.

Monitor your stats. It’s important to be effective in your use of social media such as Twitter. Buffer allows you insight into the effectiveness of specific tweets. It allows you to see how many times a link is clicked or a tweet is re-tweeted. Best yet, Buffer has the ability to show you the reach of your tweet overall. Unlike with other programs, you’re not limited to seeing just the impact you had, but the impact of the tweet through other actions like re-tweeting.  This tool, however, is only as good as the user so it’s important to make time to review your statistics and modify your plans so your Twitter experience can be as positive as possible for your local business.

For more tips, check out the article, How a Strategic Marketer Uses Buffer, by Jeff Bullas.

Chris Marentis has been working in the field of local business marketing for over 30 years. Most recently, Chris has founded the Surefire Social marketing program leveraging website development, SEO, and social media marketing to generate leads and boost businesses across the web.

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