How Google Adwords Phrase Match Keywords Are Beneficial?

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is an effective advertisement service, which allows advertisers to post ads online which appear in a separate part in search results when a user inputs a specific keyword/phrase which is relevant to the advertisement in one way or other. Searches, which are capable of triggering such advertisements, can be controlled by matching options, which are of the following types: –

  • Broad Match.
  • Phrase Match.
  • Exact Match.
  • Negative Match.

Phrase Match: –

Phrase Match is a matching option, which triggers an advertisement when a keyword entered by the user includes a phrase designated in the advertisement. It is more specific than broad match is at the same time being more flexible than exact match is.

Why is Phrase Match Needed?

Pay Per Click Advertisements depend significantly on the above mentioned matching types in terms of generating high Return On Investment (ROI). To maximize ROIs, advertisers need to ensure that their advertisements have maximum effects for minimum clicks received. Broad Match option increases the size of a target group as advertisements can be linked in multiple ways with entered keywords thus potentially increasing the number of clicks. Due to a large number of clicks, the effective audience of the advertisement decreases & ultimately ROI reduces.


On the other hand, Exact Match severely reduces traffic as advertisements only appear if the entered keywords match accurately with the advertisement, which in reality has a low probability. This again reduces ROI.

Phrase Match offers advertisers the much-needed middle ground, between Broad Match & Exact Match matching options. It only attracts users, whose needs are significantly linked with the advertisement & thus ensure that the advertisement is able to have a maximum effect with minimum clicks, ultimately boosting ROI.

Benefits: –

  • Phrase Match allows users to differentiate search results, which have varying levels of profitability. It helps advertisers to identify important (popular/relevant) keywords & optimize their advertisements accordingly. This is not possible in case of Broad Match matching options as in that case only an average scenario can be considered which does not enable users to optimize their ads efficiently.
  • Specific trends can be observed via Phrase Match matching options, which can help, further in improving an advertisement in terms of target groups, content & time of exposure. Again, this is not possible in case of Broad Match & Exact Match matching options.
  • Web traffic attracted by Phrase Match Options towards any advertisement is significant in amount as well. And this traffic has a high conversion rate resulting in lucrative ROIs.

Though Broad Match matching options allows a lot of traffic towards an advertisement, conversion rate is low, while Exact Match matching option is simply unprofitable in terms of traffic to effectively result in a high ROI. Phrase match combines the best of both & gives advertisers an effective optimizing tool to maximize profits. In the end, matching options also vary according to purposes, target audiences of any advertisement & an advertiser should take into account of all such factors before implementing a matching tool.

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