How Brands Are Preparing For 2013 – Further SEO Steps?

SEO play vital role in branding. Because of Panda and Penguin update there are various changes come in SEO industry comparative to 2012. The search algorithms have changed, the SERP results have changed, and how SEO professionals operate is changing. Now what about 2013 SEO?

Do you know which SEO strategies biggest brands are availing? What do actual brands and customers see as key areas of focus in 2013? The founder and CEO of BrightEdge did a survey and reached out to 4,000 brand customers in 99 countries and 44 languages as part of the 2013 Global Enterprise SEO Survey. Through this survey Marketers from every industry – including retail, technology, financial services, E-commerce and hospitality – shared their priorities for 2013.

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Below are few analyses done and further SEO steps which brands are preparing for. Have a look:

Global SEO & Ranking

According to the survey it has been analysed that over two-thirds of marketers believe that global ranking is going to be important in 2013. 27% of them said that global ranking is going to be much more important in 2013 and lastly 48.7% of marketers recognize the importance of optimizing for Baidu in China. Global SEO boosts marketing ROI by providing a greater return on marketing investments.

Global SEO discover keywords relevant to global audiences simultaneously it also fabricate competition for keywords relevant to local audiences.

Local & Blended Search are of Massive Importance in 2013 Compared to 2012

According to the survey maximum percentage of marketers said that optimizing for local search is very important in 2013. To get good ranking in today’s SERPs in 2013 marketers need to optimize their web presence, and vary SEO strategies by location. To get good SEO performance in local search market it is really important for marketers to check out your website performance through geography. It has been analysed that blended rank will be more important in 2013. In 2013 Google gives good ranking to utmost quality. Google SERP results can be found across image, video, places, news and social media results.

Panda & Penguin Proof – content

Due to Panda Update there are various changes come under SEO in 2013. Content marketing strategies are drastically changed. To boost your SEO strategies in 2013 you need to produce qualitative content and engage in social media networks. SEO technology in 2013 helps marketers to find out anchor text stuffing, low quality links and having too many links from the same source.

These are few SEO branding strategy of 2013 which biggest brands are preparing for. Have a brief look on it.

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