How AdCenter is Better Than AdWords

Here we are going to describe which is better Adwords or Adcenter. Both Adwords and Adcenter are the best platforms for PPC industry. Where adcenter is hardly ever used by people when advertising any product or brand and on the other hand advertisers are outrageous to continue being on top of the Google Search Engine. Today we are here to clear out some myths which show adcenter is better than adwords.

Google adwords and Microsoft adcenter both has too comparable user interface like campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords but having similar interface does not mean they have similar audience. The big distinction between Adwords and Adcenter is their target audience. It is true that Google adwords has the biggest market share and is seen by the most eyes as pay per click giant. There are 70% Google users throughout the world.

adwords adcenter

In the race of search engines now Bing and Yahoo also going to complete. Our analysis showed that Bing and Yahoo now have 27% users which were quite low just before. Microsoft adcenter establishes less expensive than Google adwords. Microsoft Adcenter has less fines and less weight put on the keyword level of your advertisements.

Adcenter Market & Location

In adCenter, there are distinct solutions for Market and for Area. The Market determines what language you can use and which sites your ads show on. Location can determine where the users are. So if your Sector is ‘UK – English’, and you target all Areas, then your ads will appear on English sites like to targeted traffic from anywhere in the world. If the Marketplace is ‘UK – English’ and the Area is United Kingdom, the ads will be on the same websites, but only visitors from the UK will see your ads.

Adcenter Ignores

All search phrases and keywords – regardless of match type – are normalised. AdCenter will ignore CapITAlisAtion, áccents and most #punctuation. Note that plurals are left unchanged.

Words like ‘the’, ‘of’, ‘what’, ‘for’ and ‘a’ are ignored. This means adCenter sees no difference between the searches “Keyword”, “How to Keyword” and “What is Keyword for?” – any of these terms can trigger an ad that has ‘Keyword’ on exact match. Negative keywords are normalised the same as positive ones, so you can’t stop this.

Adcenter Dynamic Keyword Insertion

In AdWords, you can use Dynamic Keyword Insertion to put terms from the search query into your ad. AdCenter has a identical feature, which allows extra information. First of all you can put {keyword} into your ad, and this will be replaced by the triggered keyword when the ad appears.

The second thing is, adCenter will let you give your keywords three Placeholder factors, which can then be inserted into adverts. You might have keywords that are misspellings, and use a Placeholder for the correct spelling to appear in the advert. Or you could have keywords for different products, and use Placeholders for their price or special offer information.

Adcenter Demographic Option

AdCenter has demographic data accessible on searchers logged into Microsoft or MSN accounts. This means there are demographic targeting solutions, where you can exclude or change bids based on age group or gender. You can also get age group and gender reports.

So overall we can see that Microsoft AdCenter has lots of interesting features than Google AdWords but the main lacking point is Adcenter audience where they have to focus on…..hope they will make their search engine better to get more advertisers……..

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