Google’s Search Algorithm Study

On March 7th, the entrepreneurial-focused site released a fascinating Google algorithms study. This new Google algorithms study reveals few myths about actual SEO trends.  To analyse whole SEO strategies the study selected 100 key phrases ranging from two to six words. After selecting they analysed only the first five results in each Google search and created a test pool of 500 different web pages from which to gather data. In these test cases Google Adwords ads, images, shopping sets and news site were eliminated.


Study of Keywords, Title Tags and Content Length

This Google algorithms study analyses various things like full URL, title tags, headlines, subheadings, word count for body text, images, videos and, of course, backlinks. It is found that only 50% of the top five pages featured the key phrase in their title tag, and only 43% had it in their header. The study stated that “If you’re going to include exact key phrases, you really only need to include them one time.” The Google algorithms study shows that a good SEO content carries about 900 word count in body text. If the word count is higher, it will definitely show positive impact of SERP ranking.

Study about Images and Video

Earlier it was studied that images and videos throw great impact on SERP but not really. It is analysed by Google algorithms study that there is no connection to images or rich media in the Google algorithm. It has been seen that from the 500 ranking pages, the average number of images was seven.

Study about the Importance of the Social Scene

Social media plays great role in SERP ranking. From the Google algorithms study it is abundantly clears that more social sharing means a higher likelihood of an awesome ranking. With the performance of 1512 Facebook likes and 988 shares and tweeted on average 371 times it is found a big difference or gap between ranking 1-5. So be a social media worm.

The Google algorithms study is like a helpful hand of search engine optimiser. It is a dynamic and mysterious study ever seen. This study reveals raw facts helps to better shape your successful ranking strategy. Have a glance over these points and turn your SEO strategies according to these.

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