Google Publishes New Technology with the Invention of the Universal Google Analytics

Google comes out with a new technology, the Universal Analytics that shows up a better representation of the technical aspects. With the new invention, it signifies the improved efficiency in Analysis with greater efficiency and skills.


Initially the amazing launch was announced on October 2012 and the final publication was established as an open beta on March 2013. With the creation of the new technology, people are able to customize the data synchronization process that is easily accessible from any devices. In addition, it include an automatic update system where ensuring a continuous updating of the recent features.

google Universal-Analytics

Stunning Technical Outputs

Here follows a short description of the favorable opportunities that you can obtain using the sophisticated Google Universal Analytics feature.

  • Discover a refined and improved search facility that is accessible from any devices irrespective of location and time. In addition, three modern tracking codes are incorporated that are optimized to provide the filtered data. Moreover, you can import necessary information that may include the CRM format, POS information and manifold other industrial statistics that you can relate with the online features.  The Universal Google Analytics comes out with an organized report and the detailed facets with a better marketing format including a refined target audience. Basically, it emerge as the re designed format of the Classic Analytics accompanied with all the existing features.
  • Another noteworthy feature that you perceive with the Universal Google Analytics is to handle the online gathering on your website enabled with a favorable timeout set up. It discloses the entire activities of the online visitors detecting the span of time they remain online. Utilizing the timeout control through the Universal Google Analytics, you can detect the creation of the new sessions that shows up the interests of the particular viewers who log back to your website.
  • It allows the allotted developer to import the surrogate records from other gadgets and networks and finally implementing it to set up a suitable Universal Analytics report. To activate the mentioned application the experts employ two features that include the IP address and User agent implemented directly within the measurement protocol. With the Universal Analytics technology, you are entitled to search the data maintaining a perfect balance with the standard time.
  • Sometimes it appears that you wish to prohibit certain aspects that are displayed as the major sources of untreated web traffic. It helps you to filter the result with direct outputs without any third party intervention. Therefore, you can set up a complete well-organized procedure to handle the entire organic traffic for your website. Such exclusions attain a tremendous functionality with the Google Analytics ensuring a flawless technical approach.
  • To maintain a perfect administration on the website activities you may want to restrict the number of visits from the particular domains that may represent a double counting. Using the Google Analytics, you can easily eliminate the specific domains that would help to manage the overall calculation with proper efficiency without any errors.

In the recent episode, Google discloses that more new facets are yet to launch that will combine with the present outputs.

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