Google NOW A Smarter Mobile Search For Android Devices

Google has announced Google NOW at Google I/O 2012, Google NOW is the coolest feature and fantastic gift for Android users this year as it gives you just the right information at just the right time. First of all Google NOW is available only on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean but as we know Jelly Bean is only avail on three different devices so far that’s why Google NOW gets ported from Jelly Bean to Ice Cream Sandwich devices too. Google Now keeps a track all of your searches, usage patterns, daily schedules, etc. and builds a knowledge graph.


Google NOW is the much enhanced edition than Apple SIRI, it has faster response time than SIRI. Google NOW alerts you to things like weather changes, flight times and delays, sports scores, interesting places near you where you might like to eat, shop or visit, and more.

Google NOW is claiming the best convenient tool for your daily tasks like commuting and driving directions, it can show you the best routes to get to your office easily if your usual route’s traffic condition is worst. The best part of Google NOW is that if you are near to a bus stop or subway station then it will give you the information about coming buses and trains.

Sports lovers too can keep up to date with their favourite teams in real-time with live scores and upcoming games. You can also buy game tickets on the fly.

You can get all the information related to weather, currency, places, translation, Flights details, Sports updates, your appointment, public transport and traffic details on your device with real time only with Google NOW.

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