How Google’s Merchant Quality Score Affects Ecommerce Websites?

How the thought emerged about Google’s merchant quality score?

Recently the panel discussion that took place in South via Southwest (SXSW) conference as well as festival, Matt Cutts, techno expert of Google web spam proclaimed revolution in search algorithm ranking merchant quality. Since then it has become one of the important elements in ranking ecommerce websites. It has become the standard parameter for the ranking of Ecommerce websites.

How to know grade for your own Merchant Quality Score?

Matt Cutts recently announced about the probable launch of innovated “merchant ranking” algorithm in the latter part of the session. It had completely altered the way in which Google will rank ecommerce website. This offer will ensure that best websites to rank at higher position. Indirectly it will motivate the Ecommerce merchants to develop a website that provides better service and reach high in the search results. Though it is tough to comment much about the Google ranking Ecommerce sellers but it is known that it appeals every size sellers. No discrimination is done due to size difference while ranking.


How the effect on ranking is created due to it?

In order to understand the appeal of this process and its affect on the ranking you can understand it by viewing its impact on big and known products. One who had commenced a new trade or any new ecommerce website could see themselves in a very weird position. The endless struggle to rank while the renowned online merchants do not want to leave their position is too tough for new merchants. Negative ranking will have more direct impact on the small sites than big sites.

How it will help?

Merchant rank score will foster the desire of seller to publish products in the global online world so that it can claim ranks for every product published by them in their own websites. Technological tempo has knitted a techno world for all sellers where every seller wants to prove their goods superior to other.

How to earn high ranks?

The best way to gain good ranks for your product is by placing them into the websites that are designed to compare price. Price is something that is directly related to demand and the product that are known to prove their coin in this situation is likely to get good ranks in the search engines. These services may demand some kind of payment but it wins customer ignoring the fact of orientation of Google merchant ranking score. Even the great researchers and techno experienced people had supported this method for generating good rank. Google starve for eminence, completeness and regularity while instigating the rank over the search engine.

Good ecommerce sites gain better rankings

Generally small entrepreneurs had mostly affected from any kind of changes in Google ranking system but this system had nothing to do with the change in method. Small enterprise may get relaxation from the fact that merchant ranking score is going to praise the fair practices, ignoring the position of the entrepreneur’s trade. Dodgy are likely to be punished during this system. It is simply a ladder for all those who believe in doing fair and quality business. One who will practice their business with these structures will reach at high rank easily.


Ecommerce website made by you will touch all channels through this process and hence will completely avoid any possibility of losing traffic while update for Google is initiated.

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