Google Decided to Shutdown Various Google Apps

Google just revealed the plans to discontinue some of their service in the future. Is that Shocking?? Yes, but its true. Google announced the termination of three products and number of communication channels which are not frequently updated. The names of the services are Google Apps for Teams, Google Listen and Google Video for Business.

google shutdown apps

Let’s have a look over the history of these services.

Google Apps for teams was launched by Google in 2008 and have aim to help the verified schools and businesses to use Google services like Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Talk. Now Google assumes that the service is not much useful for users that it was anticipated. And also added that from September 4, 2012 Google starts to convert existing accounts into personal accounts.

Next one is Google Listen which was started by Google in 2009 and aims to help the people to discover and listen to podcasts. Instead of that Google Play plays an important role and provides various popular podcast listening apps. Before 1st of November the users who use the app would take the advantages of that but after that the users can’t do this because podcast search won’t work. Alternately the users can gain the access to podcast subscriptions via Google Reader in separate folder.

Google Video for Business which facilitates the users, especially the business and education, to share videos by hosting to make it use internally. Google plans to swipe these all from there and made available Google Drive for free.

Google owns about 150+ blogs and channels to communicate for their latest updates and decided to terminate the working of a number of them. But also clears that it doesn’t mean to share less information about their products and services rather than communicate with their popular channels.

Google already either merged or shut down a number of products by saying to highlight the highly impact products that are using at a high frequency and utilize the resource for the most desirable products and provide a “BETTER GOOGLE”.

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