Battle Between Google Adsense and Yahoo/Bing Ad Networks Continues

In the sixth month of 2003 world experienced a revolution in the internet world with the invention of Google AdSense. The long 12 years were the struggling time for it and now you could see the established position of Google AdSense as the preeminent ad network for all medium publishers including the small and medium category. Yahoo Bing Network Ads took its existence few months ago since then there were no turning back. It started under the shelter of Big Ads and Microsoft Ad center which is a known name from couple of years. Yahoo Bing network could be describe as a team work of Yahoo and Microsoft.




Yahoo maintains the quality

Yahoo Bing ad network believes in emphasizing only to those premium websites that could deliver great returns. Whoever publisher applies her and if get accepted than also he can only practice Yahoo Bing Ads after the process of verification and manual review has been submitted of that particular website. Google AdSense has a mass appeal and almost all publishers and websites are a part of it. Whatever process Adsense follows but maintaining quality is a tough job here as the entry is too easy here and using websites does not demand any permission here. It mostly results in AdSense acquiring low eminence websites. It is completely opposite in the Yahoo/ Bing ad as the entry is only after due permission. People are expecting that they may witness the same benefit in Google AdSense too.

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Fast approach

Google AdSense restricts the direct communication of the customer support service with the publishers of all level. Publishers that are big enough to announce their success can only communicate with their customer support or those who maintain their accounts. The case is totally reversed in Yahoo/Bing ad networks. You could gain proper attention and may get a tailored ad made for your site. In case if you are a big shot than the ad will be more modified.


Yahoo/Bing ad network also possess few limitation. It is restricted to text ads even having the hybrid formats and the list ad topics appears as one unit. Google had spread its arm to distant world and here you could offer rich ads designed with image ads, rich media ads, video ads and many more. Google is associated with another ad network team to supply this diversified range of ads. It is expected that Yahoo will surely come up with the solution of this problem.

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Google AdSense has great traffic but it poses only single application with single site review. When the application for AdSense account is made and approved you are free to put your AdSense Ads to the approved sites of Google ads. For yahoo you need permission every time and these results in low popularity of this ad sense.

Though the list of discrimination between Google AdSense and Yahoo/Bing Ad network is too big but these are the major differences that are increasing the gap between the protocols of both. Both of them are good in their own way.

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