Google 2013 Expectation Report

As we all know Google thrilled the media in 2012 with their Android OS, Google Panda & Penguin Updates, and Google Nexus series. Really throughout the year Google ruled over various market, as we have the same expectations from Google in the upcoming year 2013 and we all know that Google will fulfil it generously.

We all know that Google was ruling in the online market before 2012 but in this year Google created various benchmarks on various markets. So what are the expectations and what more surprises are there in Google bucket?


So what we have done just analyse and come out with Google 2013 Expectation Report, just watch out for your pre-preparation.

1.  Motorola will come with Nexus Series – Google bought Motorola mobility but didn’t come with something exciting, Google nexus series started with Samsung then they collaborate with Asus and LG too, but Google is now thinking to come with Moto Nexus brand. So just wait and get new extra ordinary version of Nexus.

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2.  Google panda & Penguin Update – Throughout 2012 Google has come up with various updates on Google panda and Google penguin which affected lots of websites and make the search engine more relatively to the search. As similar to 2012 Google will roll out many of panda and penguin update in the upcoming year too, so advertisers, bloggers, publishers and owners be aware.

3.  Guest Posting will be Degrade – due to the Google panda and penguin update now SEO agencies bring up the new way to get links through guest posting and even they are paying their niche bloggers big amount to just give them a backlink and get the attention from readers. Google has noticed all these tricks and news is that they had configured the algo to beat guest posting tricks. So bloggers and agencies be aware and start doing real work.

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4.  More Google+ engagement – I don’t know why but i felt that Google is forcing us to be active on Google+ and what about you, may be similar. As in the year 2012 Google brought G+ everywhere Adwords, Search results, YouTube and more are there. On this section i will Google is working like crazy bike racer to beat opponent (Facebook). As we can see that with Google+ now search results are so personalized. So this is a ringing time for those who are not active on Google+ be active because if you active on Google+ for sure you will get the benefit of it, LOCK IT.

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5.  Google Adwords will Upgrade – how we can forget Adwords, the most revenue generating product for Google. So every company has more focus on their best product. The 2013 prediction report for Google Adwords say that there will be big changes come. Like Google will bring CPM method on Search network, Adwords new ad extensions “contact Form extension” & “customer support extension” and the best update we can see in Adwords 2013 is Real-Time Reporting.

According to me these are the main predictions from Google 2013, mainly of them are based on Google updating trends. Stay tuned and subscribed with us for upcoming Google updates

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