Five High Profile Social Entrepreneurs and How They Created Big Buzz

A social entrepreneur is somebody who creates an organization or develops and carries out a project in order to solve a social problem. In other words, the aim of their entrepreneurial operation is to do good for society in some way, rather than to profit.

Whether you’ve already started your own business, are browsing online business courses for potential study options or you simply have an interest in the entrepreneurial lifestyle, you’ve got to do your research if you want to succeed. These are great cases to examine because not only have they been very successful in gaining notoriety, but they’ve managed to do it with a social conscience and generate a great amount of goodwill with their success.

Social Entrepreneurs

Geoffrey Canada

Geoffrey Canada is the founder, president and CEO of Harlem Children’s Zone, a free social support program for the disadvantaged families of Harlem which provides services like parenting workshops, education for children and health services.

Through seeking private investors willing to contribute to a good cause, and gradually expanding the reach of his charitable venture, Canada quickly caught the attention of the media and news stories, television interviews and books about the organization all followed suit. A solid and comprehensive 10-year business model, a thorough knowledge of those he intended to benefit and an unyielding passion for the venture, investors were able to maintain confidence in the value of their investment.

Matt and Jessica Flannery

Matt and Jessica Flannery are the founders of Kiva, a not-for-profit lending organisation which aims to alleviate policy. Kiva uses the internet to connect lenders who provide donations from $25 and upward to people who don’t have access to traditional banking systems. This allows them to create opportunities for themselves where they would never have been able to in their current financial conditions.

With almost a 99% repayment rate to donators, the program has seen over 844,000 lenders loan over $370 million across 66 countries worldwide since its launch in 2005. Kiva partners with socially conscious organisations and provides recognition for their donations in a way that benefits the organisation, so everybody wins. This has generated a huge amount of success and growing interest in the project across the globe.

Father William Cunningham and Eleanor Josaitis

Father William Cunningham and Eleanor Josaitis are the founders of Focus: Hope in Detroit. Focus: Hope is a well known civil and human rights organisation which provides food programs, career training programs and academic programs in the US.

By adopting a holistic approach to social empowerment Focus: Hope has won many awards and generated much attention. By using any means available, from hosting community festivals to commissioning studies into the condition of social groups, persistence and dedication has seen Focus: Hope accumulate recognition and success nation-wide.

Millard and Linda Fuller

Millard and Linda Fuller are the founders of the globally renowned organisation Habitat for Humanity, which mobilises supporters and volunteers to build simple and affordable housing for those in need of a safe place to live.

Habitat for Humanity works with church support and has volunteers working around the globe and many notable donors supporting the initiative. They work with the homeowners to build new homes from the ground up.

Simon Doble

A great example of the next big thing, Simon Doble is the founder and director of BrightBeam by Doble, a company striving to provide affordable lighting to people in developing countries. They aim to provide sustainable solutions to light the nights of those in the third world, with a focus on safety and environmental and social ethics. Having access to electricity will mean safety and security for many people.

All of these entrepreneurs have the following in common: a system changing new idea, potential social impact, creativity, ethical fibre and entrepreneurial quality. By using all the resources and skills they have at their disposal and utilising investor support and media attention, they have generated big buzz and had ongoing success. Research their methods and their business strategies and you’ll be on your way to big business with a social conscience; a recipe for a lifelong legacy.

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