First Shock by Google in 2013 to Webmasters

Google is unpredictable!! No doubt it is true.

This is the only statement that we can predict from the recent activities performed by the Google and SERPs. On 18th Jan 2013, I hope you will receive a big notice of big fluctuation in the SERPs of different TLDs. Till now it is not accepted by Google of what it was a Google Panda Update or Google Penguin. On matter what it was, but it really a shocking one for most of the webmasters. On 17th Jan, 2013 SEO Round Table indicates the same at the very initial stage of the fluctuations. Well this was seems like an EARTHQUAKE which shakes the earth of Google SERPs and being the reason for down for ranking results of the websites. But still there are some webmasters who were not affected from the fluctuations. This is also shocking news but true. Everyone excited to research and knows the reason behind their stability. I am also one of them and after the results tried harder to know the reason of the same.


Some of the results that are came as outcome of my research is what I need to share with all of you or you can say I just want to share some of precaution that you must to take care. First of all, it is my view for the fluctuation in the SERPs and it may be different for others.


Spamming is the only reason for what the result of this fluctuation. It is also said from a long time by many of the reputed sites. Anchor Text involved in the off-page activities is the biggest reason experienced till yet. I explain the same with some easy examples, for a particular domain when we start off-page activities we choose target keywords for which we have to optimize the website on search engines. In order to optimize the keywords, we take every keyword as an Anchor text and start submission for the direct keywords which seems to be spamming in the eyes of Google. For an instance, we have to target keyword “Web Design” and started the off-page activities taking the same keyword as Anchor text in the submissions such as Directory submission, Social bookmarking, in Article submission, in blogs and much more.

Well this is the problem against which we have to make some kind of strategies that most effective to improve ranking over Google SERPs. I have made research for the same and found Link Diversity which is a very common name for the SEO professionals and the only solution to all the problems faced by webmasters. It is very common but still interesting topic that you must to know to make yourself stable in the field of Search engine Optimization.

We will take an overview on Link Diversity in the next post on the same blog. In the next post we include the essential factors that make Link Diversity a most essential element of the success in SEO in 2013 and hopefully onwards.

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