Facebook Rolls Out Voice Calling Features

Phone has crossed many ladders of revolution, from huge land lines to cordless, then dreamy cell phones and finally the world is too near to witness the fact that soon Facebook will replace it with Facebook Voice Call. Presently Facebook trundled out the option of no cost voice calling features to those home users as well as those who have android messenger app but for only those who are residing in US. So no doubt Facebook Voice Call is expected that your cell phone will lose its importance soon. Android users and those who have IOS can soon face dial those for whom they care much.


Great news

US Facebook users have now all reasons to celebrate. The day for which all waited with baited breathe has come. Android users of facebook messengers can now avail cost free voice calling after quarter year of its invention in IOS. Canadians were the one to enjoy Facebook voice calling, first since the first week of March and now shortly world will witness that US will also gain fame in the techie world for this establishment.

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How to get this feature?

To understand the step of working facebook voice calling is similar to that of voice calling in IOS. You need to open the facebook and then you need to knock on the top right and finally strike at free call. In case if your chat heads is empowered than you can tap to the option of more info button. The alternative to ajar the app of messenger will appear before you start the call. You could even see a dialer screen along with the profile picture of your friend in their background.

More great news

Though the news of any new apparatus arrest the users with rejoice but the stress of updating their apps also walk hand in hand but here you will not need require to upgrade your app if recently you have gone for new version of 2.4.2. You could enjoy the extraordinary feature of chat heads that comes along with facebook home.

facebook voice call

What if others are not using the same device?

Now you need not worry about the kind of device your friend are using as all android and IOS users in US can enjoy it. Facebook voice call is actually fighting with all the possible drawbacks you could dream off and is providing you with those features that will lack any negativity.

Facebook has already shrieked the world in a small screen and with this establishment you could reassure that now even the minute distance that was left behind will be traveled with ease soon. Though US, Canada had availed it till now but it is expected that if Facebook voice calling feature works fine then that day is not far away when the globe will enjoy this cherished app.

Earlier phones had lessen the requirement of camera, iPod, music players, radio and many more such things but slowly those  days are not so far when Facebook will overcome the requirement of phone with Facebook Voice Calling.

Now the only thing that world is waiting for is the exposure of this wonderful experience!

Image Source [insidefacebook]

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