Facebook Auto Play Video Ads Are Coming!

Facebook is no doubt the most market dominating social networking site. Hence it would not be unfair if facebook start putting video ads for ore publicity. Video promotion has definitely more appeal and since 1941 when the first visual ad came into existence, this media never turned back. The popularity for visual affect is growing undoubtedly and you can understand it with growing ways in which advertisers are trying to portray their ads. Television, internet shows or clips are all packed with various promotional activities. Online publishers are continuously hunting for the ways that could prove more effective for the promotion.


The invention of the innovative ways and methods are rapidly growing since then and had earned extraordinary revenue from it. There are various methods in which ads are published through online videos-

1)      Companion ads

2)      Overlay ads

3)      Linear video

These standards have been established by Interactive Advertising Bureau. Now these standards will be flashed in Facebook too.

It is expected that Facebook will earn around $4 million in 24 hours if it start Auto Play Facebook video ads. It is said that Facebook is trying to tune some ad agency that will lead to video advertisement over Facebook user’s timelines. It is said that it is known to prepping for vending the new video ads targeting huge market and at the price that are more economical than T.V. it is said that it will approach for four slots daily- women above 30 and below 30 and men above 30 and below 30. The price is expected to touch somewhere near $1 million. Though the format on which the ad is going to work is yet a secret. Though it is expected that an ad on Facebook will continue for 1/4th minute but nothing is sure about it. Though the auto play option in feed is yet encircled with doubts.

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How much success it is expected to meet?

It is highly expected that Facebook is going to meet unexpectedly high profits if it will proceed in the planned manner. No doubt it will be next fastest growing field where economy is concerned.

When can you expect this revolution?

It is highly expected that you can see the auto play Facebook video ads by the 6th or 7th month of the year, i.e. by June or July. Though Facebook is still ignoring any statement in regards of the pricing or video ads but still all are waiting whole heartedly for it.


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“Facebook want to cash its popularity,” how much this statement is true?

Facebook no doubt is growing more popular than any other object in the world. The increasing demographic profile is providing the required exposure to the aim of Facebook video ads. The decision taken by the Facebook is surely wise as it is just utilizing the opportunity wisely.

A new adventure!

Now no longer you have to rely only on YouTube or yahoo for video ads in future. So now stay active for the new exploration in the world of Facebook.

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