Facebook test “Mail A Postcard” Feature

Facebook is again busy in testing the latest features for the social networking giant. This time Mail a Postcard is the name which enables you to convert Facebook images into printed postcards. It is also cleared that the features initially available for some of the users in order to test and may be in future it will be available for the other users. This feature reminds me the past when postcards were the trend to exchange the information. But this Facebook make a small change in that concept and enable the users to send postcards with image to friends. Sincerely, recently made popular app service called Postagram which is popularly known for sending greeting cards to friends and family.

facebook postcard
The specified service would not available for free, yes Facebook charge for it and the prices are not revealed by the company authority but the expected amount is around $0.99.

To use the facility, some of the lucky users have to go for the photos page and select the desired photos. An option with the title “Mail Postcard” is available under the photo. A postcard screen will open after click it which contains the fields that has to be filled including the recipient’s address. After filling the form you will ask for the payment options and then your card go for the production process.

For testing purpose, the user gets the images with the tag Mail Postcard on them. To make the image a real postcard, the users have to press the button and must have to enter address of friend to which it has send and additionally users can add some text message. Final material says a postcard has a look like Postcard and that look can be easily seen in image here.

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