Editing Older Post Appeals More To Google

Lots of articles are already being live over the web that states about how Google behaves with updates on blogs or sites. According to them, Google always like fresh updates and following this statements bloggers always tries to frequently update their blogs with new article post on their blogs. Well it is quite beneficial for the blog sites but I want to highlight the point

recycle post

Is the old post beneficial to update?

Users generally visit blogs to get latest information about their queries and need to know about the latest technical aspects in particular fields. In the same context, updates in the old information or articles may works against high bounce rate. Some of the steps have to be considering as precaution while editing old posts and the most important altering Permalink Structure. Sometimes bloggers uses date in their post url using WordPress they have to make sure to use redirection plugin prior to re-submitting the post.

Update Content

Users need fresh stuff as well as the latest facts and figures. It is very common for all to have news with some figures or introducing a number of sites at a moment but after sometime it get expired at that time we need to update them which support for the current scenario such as number of users for a particular app, Top 10 social bookmarking sites. These types of stuffs are required to be altering so that the interest of readers continues.


As we all know about the importance of PageRank for a blog but did you know about how Google treat the PageRank in the context of Search Results. It gives a low priority in Search Results so acquiring higher Pagerank doesn’t mean to be affective results in the Search Results at all. Re-submitting the article may lead to appear the old article into the homepage and in turn improves the visibility of the post in the search results.

Keep away from repeated Content

Google hates duplicity whether it is from other site or from internal of site. As I have discuss above for the latest facts and figures are important to remains the interests of readers so if bloggers need to add some updates in any topic exists before then it is not mandatory to create a new post for that and copy content from the previous one. Rather than decorate the older post with the new information this gives you better results and saves your time too

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