Do You Know These Facebook Techniques?

So your business is on Facebook. How long have you been on it? If you’ve been on Facebook for a long time, you might have some really good knowledge about its ins and outs. But, do you know about these techniques?


Do you know the best time to post?

Posts made on weekends and off-peak hours (2 pm to 5 am) receive the highest interaction rates. Most admins post on Thursdays but these have the lowest interaction rates.

How many times do you post per day?

It was believed that posting too many stuff on a single day annoys your followers. But a new study reveals that the more you post the morelikely it is for your posts to show upon yourfollowers’ walls. Past studies reveal that the magic number is 3 posts. When you post at least 3 times in a day, more will hit the unlike or unsubscribe button. But the new study shows that if you post more than 3 times per day, the unsubscribe rate tapers off. The real challenge is to find a way to engage your audience without annoying them. You must encourage your readers to interact with you so that there is a lesser chance of hitting the unsubscribe button.

Did you know that photos generate the highest interaction rate?

In Facebook, a photo is worth a thousand words. Adding visually appealing photos to your posts is a surefire way of getting attention. The next medium is status updates then videos, music and lastly, links. This shows that people would rather look at photos than read or click links. Videos and music are tricky because they are dependent on the user’s Internet speed and the gadget he or she is using. Some videos don’t show up in tablets and phones. Photos convey a point instantly and elicit emotion so no wonder it’s the most popular type of content probably not just in Facebook but in other social networks as well.

Are you asking your fans to “Like” your post?

If you’re not, then you should! This ups your interaction rate by 216%. Just place the words “Like my post” and see your interaction rate rise. Asking your fans to comment is also a good way to boost interaction.

Did you know that questions don’t always interest your fans?

We used to think that by just asking questions, we encourage the fans to comment. Asking questions is good but do this in conjunction with a call to action such as the Like and Comment scenario discussed above. Telling your fans directly to comment on your question is an even better way of eliciting a response.

Apply these Facebook techniques and see how it improves your presence in this widely popular social network.

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