Do Images and Video Really Improve Your Search Engine Optimization?

In the SEO world, this is a very important question. Is featuring images and videos on your website, going to increase the chance that you will get ranked on search engines like Google? If so, what is the impact that images and videos are going to have? Below, you will find some proven techniques that are tested and guaranteed to provide search engine optimization benefits for any website.

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Images and videos do work, although they are not going to provide a miracle. It’s also important that you do not litter the page with images and videos, since this could give the impression that you are over-advertising and your page is not worthy of viewing. For this reason, unless you are selling photography or stock images, you should use an image or two to enhance or clarify something that you are talking about. The important aspect here is that using fewer images to get your point across is better than using lots. By selecting your images carefully, you can also reduce the amount of time that it takes for your website to load, and how much bandwidth each visitor on your site is going to consume. It also helps reduce the possibility of your readers getting distracted and losing interest in your content.

Make sure to use titles and “alt text” for your images and videos. This is very important, by properly labeling your images and videos, you can enhance the SEO of your pages, without having to worry about being penalized. Alt text and proper, SEO optimized titles, are a great way to describe your image, make it easier to read for your visitors, and get ranked on search engines. Search engines are able to read words, they cannot look at images or videos. Search engines like Google rely on the content that is used to describe the images and videos, like the alt text and titles. While an image or video may help your page look worthy of ranking because it has more than just text, they are not going to benefit your SEO unless you optimize them correctly.

Since search engines are only able to index content, not images, you should never replace content for an image. Every time that you have the opportunity to use your keywords in a meaningful way, you should take it. If you could represent the point that you are trying to get across with text, rather than an image, you should do so. Keep in mind though, do not overuse your keywords throughout the content. In today’s world, it’s better to use your keywords selectively, rather than duplicating them throughout every page of your website. After all, Google is now penalizing sites for “over optimization” so you have to be very careful with what you do.

Images and videos are a very serious part of online marketing, they need to be used effectively, with good SEO techniques applied to them. By using some of the tips above, you can benefit your business and website and improve many pages of your website and their search engine optimization.

Author Bio :- Charles Dodgson works as a content strategist for WLM SEO Submissions Company delivering affordable link building services and solutions with emphasis on optimizing the key components of keyword research, website content, and social media outreach for businesses and professionals.

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