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Freelancing Industry has shown a great pace in the last 2 years. People are willing to work from home and from their laptops are increasing day by day as their potential comes out to the maximum, rather than wasting their time in travelling. In India, freelancing work is not so much widespread but yes; it is increasing day by day as the young graduates are getting awareness about its benefits. One of the most prestigious jobs in the freelancing network is Content Writing. In India, the first ever network portal for getting the content was started by, about a year ago.contentmart-1You can easily make a good some amount of money by working for home, assuming that you should have a good amount of skills and talent to you and you are positive thinker which does not accept the defeat and aims to work more and more. In the freelancing industry, every freelancer whether it is freelance writer or copywriter faces the risk in the initial stage of starting the work of getting enough work, but you need to keep the patience and try out new things and keep updated yourselves about the new technologies and inventions in the industry.

Contentmart provides a very transparent and simple procedure for working online and getting paid for the same. You need to register on their portal and apply for the projects you think, you are fit for. They charge only 10% commission of the bid amount as part of the service provider. It is especially very convenient for the freelance writers or the Content writers as there is a portal which is focused on only one service which is content writing. What happens in other networks is there are different services which are offered and so they cannot concentrate on one product.contentmart-outsourceThere are various benefits of working as freelance writer or Content writer through Contentmart. They are described below:

  1. No Investment – You need to make no investment or pay no fees for enrolling yourself as a copywriter on to this platform, you just need to have the talent in you to pursue the same.
  1. Transparent system – The system of working through Contentmart is transparent, where the content seeker pays directly to the Content writer and no interference is made by Contentmart. The price of the project is also mutually agreed between the parties.
  1. Simple process – The process to enrol and bid for the projects is very simple and any person can easily understand the system and can start earning well.
  1. Unlimited bids – You get unlimited bids to bid on every project and you can get the chance of getting every project if the profile is good.
  1. Less commission – The commission Contentmart charges is very low in comparison to other platforms where they charge hefty charges.
  1. Affiliate program – There is separate affiliate program by Contentmart where you can earn additional money by referring to your friends.

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