If you have a business then you must optimise it with different strategies. Social Bookmarking websites are the great source of promoting your web link over the internet. To promote of your website through bookmarking then you should know both benefits and mistakes which you can make while bookmarking process.


Have a look on this article as this will help you to learn few common mistakes which can make your social bookmarking unproductive. Few common mistakes are mentioned below:


Use appropriate titles

This is really very common mistakes which one can do. Title is very important for every post and also helps in attracting quality traffic to your website. With the shortage of time sometimes people hire SEO Company to take care of their social networking websites. In that case hire an experienced SEO Company so that they know how to make social bookmarking effective.


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Use appropriate keywords and tags

While working on social bookmarking websites relevant keywords and tags are necessary. To grab traffic use proper keywords and tags and make you content easy and scan able. Remember that you post are readable for visitors so make it visitor friendly and next search engine friendly.


Do not spam

Spamming is another common mistake which you can do. Be limited on submitting your web link. If you using social networking website to grab web traffic than do not submit your own link all the time. Search engine can mark your account as spam. In social bookmarking process submit links relevant to your web niche. This technique will not spam your account which is really beneficial for you.


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Bookmark dissimilar page all the time

For promoting your site it is important to scatter all your web pages. If you are not doing such so you are mistaken. It has been seen that people submit only homepage of their site which is not worth for your site. It results in driving less traffic and low backlinks. If you are submitting different page of your site then you are not restricted to submit your site. You can put different pages of your site on every social booking site every time.


Don’t use Bot

Using bot is the most common blunder done by maximum people in the ratio of 7:10. For quick result use different bots and softwares which helps in putting your web link quickly on all social bookmarking websites. You can also use different services but don’t use bots.


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