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How To Choose The Best Keywords

Choosing the right keywords for your PPC campaign can give you the most wanted high number of clicks and conversion rate. It shows your ad to potential customers and brings you a lot of revenue too. But bidding on wrong keywords cannot only degrade your...

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Why To Use Adwords Automated Rules

In the competitive world of PPC campaigns where each click could make an extra dime, bidding on the most promising keywords is the important task.  Bidding on each and every keyword could be a tedious job and it is when automated bidding management software comes...

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PPC Bid Management Tips For Better Results

Bid management strategies are employed to optimize the pay per click (PPC) campaigns to ensure maximum gain within the available budget. The bidding management strategy or solution should be chosen essentially on the basis of one’s needs, budget and scale. Top 5 PPC Bid Management...

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Google Adwords Comparison Ads

Google had introduced a new feature few year ago in Adwords named Google Adwords Comparison Ads which allows the users to compare multiple and relevant offers in an easier manner. It is designed to help the advertisers to reach out to the people who are...

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How to Schedule Report in Adwords

In Google Adwords the reports are the specific performance data of advertisement in the form of table, which is essentially customized by the user along with the parameters of columns, segments and filters depending upon his interests. These reports are an interpretation of the advertisement...

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How to Write Effective PPC Ad Copy?

Importance of Writing an Effective PPC Ad Copy In today’s world of extensive marketing and technology, writing a proper ad copy is perhaps one of the most essential and primary steps to success although it is, most of the times, neglected. Yet, a PPC ad...

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