7 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Be On Vine

What is vine?

Vine is a mobile application that allows its user to create a video of length no more than 6 seconds. Twitter currently owns Vine. Vine only runs on iOS gadgets only. However, twitter is trying to bring the app to other platforms as well.

Vine is becoming popular every day. Reason?

It can be used for a lot of purposes like fun, expressing emotions, showing creativity, capturing moments and for branding.  Yes! You heard it right. For branding, too! In fact, Vine is a must for branding nowadays. Why?


Read the following 7 reasons to know why your brand should be on vine.

1. Most popular application:

Did you know On April 9, 2013, Vine became the number one most downloaded free app within the apple store. It might not be the most popular application every single day, but it will not lose its popularity at least for a couple of years from now. With so many people using this application, it is most possible that your brand getting noticed by a lot of people. The more people know about your brand the more chances are of its success. Don’t you think it’s time to put your brand on Vine?

2. The length of videos:

The length of videos created with Vine is only 6 seconds. So, whenever you make a video on Vine, you will not have to worry about people not seeing your videos till the end or people missing stuffs in the middle. You will be able to show what you are trying to, to your audience, entirely. They won’t miss anything. Just make sure that your video includes all the stuffs you want to show. This is another very solid reason why your brand should be on vine.

3. Emotions:

With so many things you do in branding and business, how many is it that you can remember demand solid emotional talent for what you do? You probably won’t remember more than two. Thankfully, Vine is one of them. Every single thing matters in Vine; be it the audio, the video or the emotions you show. If you believe your emotions are going to help even a bit (they should because you love your brand, don’t you?), then it’s the time you put your brand on Vine.

4. Time Saver:

Suppose you are in a conference. You meet some special people and you want to show them what your brand is about. But because of lack of material availability (which happens all the time), all you have got is your mobile and your video. Since these people do not have much time, you cannot take a lot of time explaining stuffs, neither can you ask for their e-mail IDs and send long proposals (which they most probably won’t even care to check) But you can ask those people 6 seconds of their life, which I am sure they won’t deny ever. Then the rest is all in your creativity.

5. Very Affordable:

To create a video with vine, you don’t need Cameraman, light-man, director, producer and bunch of other essential people. All you need is Creative you! There may be cases when you need any of these folks, but with a 6 seconds’ video what are they going to charge? So, every video you create with Vine is very affordable. Branding gets affordable with Vine; another very crucial reason why your brand should be on Vine.

6. Spreads Quickly:

One great thing about videos created with Vine is that they cannot be directly saved. The only option is to share through social networking sites or delete it. Because of that, even if you want to hide your video inside the closet, you can’t. With so many people in social media these days, if your video has really got the factor, it will spread like an air-borne disease. This is another very good reason why your brand should be on vine.

7. Know how powerful your video is:

A free analytics reports provider Simple measured has developed an analytics tool that measures three things:

  • Which fine app users are interacting with your video
  • Your brand’s top influencers
  • How your network engagement on Vine compares with engagement on Vine other social platforms. 

That’s it! With all three data you can easily know how effective your video has been and what capacity has it got! If it wasn’t that good at all, then it’s time to create another video. Another very strong reason, why your brand should be on vine; it tells you how effective your branding has been!

Final Words: Vine has got a lot of powerful features that can take your brand to height. But one simple thing rules Vine: creativity. Without creativity, Vine has got nothing. So, before you put your brand on Vine, be sure to be Creative.

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