Blogging Mistakes That Will Kill Your Blog!

Nowadays blogging is very popular. The purpose of a blog is to express your feeling about any niche. An informative blog is worth for readers. Your blog can carry any niche like health, technology, automobile or many others. Make sure that your blog niche should be according to the your interest so you can give your best to your readers. So the main thing what i think every blogger should have increase interest in blogging then he can give his best in his blog.

blogging mistakes

A successful blog is the one who have large of web traffic. Along with ads you should drive huge amount of traffic. But what i see these days some bloggers are doing some spam works to increase the traffic of their blogs but its not good. For grabbing traffic you should not do few things on your blog. What’s that? Below are few things mentioned and explained briefly which can kill your blog. Have a look:

Copy & Paste

Copying and pasting is very easy but it is really a bad idea for your blog. If you copy and paste content from other website then it’ll kill your blog in short span of time. Firstly, every site has a copyright which means that copying content is legally not allowed. Before using content from other website you should have proper permission from that person/company. Secondly, if you are using content from other website or blog then it’ll not work. Search engines find it plagiarism and they would not give your blog good ranking in their search results index. So don’t copy and paste content. It is better to write one post per day but it should be qualitative and unique.

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Stop Using Stock Photos

It has been seen that most of the business website use stock photos to present their business. But these photos do not able to convey exact message about your product. To drive traffic and to convey exact info about your product put original image of your product. So avoid using stock photos further.

Irregular Posts

Irregular posts can make your ranking worst in search engines. Imaging if you see an update on a blog after 10 days then how will you feel? Let me tell you, you will not visit that site again. This can decrease the visitors on your blog. So make sure to update your site regularly. If you do manage to put 2-3 posts a day then don’t worry, you can put a single post per day. But the content of the post should be attractive.

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Poor Navigation

Navigation is very important for a blog and site. If a visitor doesn’t know how to operate your blog then he will not land on it again. Easy navigation can increase traffic on your blog. Everyone is not here for one thing. Someone wants to see your pricing, others may want to read the articles, some want to check FAQs and some to contact. So make your blog easily accessible and avoid poor navigation.

Bad Browser Performance

Poor browser performance can affect your blog badly. A developer should always check out the performance of your blog in different browsers like, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and others. Your blog should be compatible in ever browser.

Maximum Loading Time

If your blog take much time to load then it’ll decrease the rate of visitors. What you should do to take care of it. To reduce loading time of your blog avoid using Flash content and don’t use heavy images. Maximum loading time can kill your blog.

These are few things which you should not do in your blog. Have look above again.

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