What is Bing Linked Pages and How To Get Yours?

Microsoft has always delivered best gift to technology and Bing Linked Pages is one among them. Recently Bing is earning more fame than history has ever witnessed. It also grip the way in which one’s profile will be visible to techno world. The search result of all the users is controlled by it in much efficient manner than before. Recently linked pages had been attached to the search results to enhance the hunt in more profound manner.


Bing is getting more popular day by day and more and more people are getting attracted to its search engine while looking for their pals, relatives or anyone else. Facebook is already a part of this search engine but more innovative methods always have their own space in this reference and these starve for innovation had emerged the linked pages. One can attach the link of their website and could control the result that will be shown during search results. Bing facilitates the opportunity for you to deliver results that you desire. You are just a click away from your Facebook friend and they can see any pages that are linked with you through Bing search.

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How to get Bing linked pages

In order to avail the service of Bing linked pages you are required to visit bing.com/linkedpages. The log in procedure will take place through Facebook ID and then you are required to concede the permission from Blog to display on Facebook.

After this explore for oneself and finally start connecting links with your blog or any of your individual website or your company’s site or any such things. You are not restricted to deliver about your identity or your work place but you can link the things that you love to do in your past time or interests. Those who are pursuing for you will find you and the pages that you are linked with you will also be reflected there. You can add or delete pages that are linked with you and your friend as and when you want. You can also quest for your friends along with the linked pages. One who delete or remove the link can only go back and relink it with that page. In order to do it you are required to permit Bing to enable linking pages and you also have the opportunity to turn off this facility whenever you want by deactivating it in Facebook.

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Bing linked pages definitely provide you with chances for improved search results, not only for yourself but for your friends too. It not only makes the search convenient but it also facilitates the option for customizing all information. You can link as many account as you want with your Bing link pages. It has already travelled few steps of innovation and had been admired so much and yet the best is to come.

Bing linked pages could even shape up your business and could attract huge traffic for your business house. You can get recommendation directly and could start working on it faster. It says “only those can do well who knows how to exploit the opportunity.” This is what Bing linked pages do.

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