Benefits Of Breadcrumb Links in AdWords Display URLs

This year Google added breadcrumb trails to the display URLs on AdWords. Breadcrumb trails a group of links will navigate the visitors to the more relevant page of the website. Here is the method how breadcrumb trails are working, let’s say a women is searching for sandals then Google will show your ads like below

breadcrumb links

Benefit of breadcrumb links are that may be she also wants to see women’s shoes then she will click on “Women Shoes” breadcrumb and can find out more shoes on website and buy both a boot and a sandal from your website.

Google AdWords also mentioned that the click your breadcrumb links got will count the same as clicks normal CPC ads. It means you don’t have to charge extra for this. Breadcrumb links also very useful to improve your CTR as your ad will get more change to be clicked.

If the advertiser has the landing page which is marked up with the breadcrumb rich snippets then AdWords will do this work for you, yeah right Google AdWords will automatically add breadcrumbs annotations to your ads that appear at the top or bottom of the Google search result.

To make your breadcrumb you have to enabled breadcrumbs on your website then you can only use this feature. Want to know about how to enable breadcrumb on your website read the article here enable your website code to show breadcrumbs.

This is an example through which Google is trying to make your paid ads more relatively to your organic search links. Breadcrumb works like your ad extensions, higher click-through-rate, better quality score and conversion rate are the benefit of breadcrumb links.

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