Benefits Of Adwords Enhanced Sitelinks

We all are familiar to Adwords and always eager to know more about AdWords. Adwords Sitelinks were first launched in November 2009 and earlier in February Google has announced its new version i.e. Enhanced Sitelinks. Google allows submitting 10 Sitelinks but it has been seen that it only shows up to 6 Sitelinks. If we talk about cost then there is no extra cost of Adwords Sitelinks.

adwords enhanced sitelinks

The updated version of Adwords Sitelinks i.e. Enhanced Sitelinks has slighter change. Enhanced Sitelinks automatically merges your posted links to the similar content. Enhanced Sitelinks is available around the world where Adword works. Through Enhanced Sitelinks your ads spread in vast area of internet world which will helps you a lot. There are some other benefits which you can get from Adwords Enhanced Sitelinks.

Benefits of Adwords Enhanced Sitelinks

  • Click Through Rate (CTR) is quite important and it has been analysed that enhanced sitelinks offers 30% increase in CTR.
  • Apart from CTR Quality score is another important factor to market your website properly and enhanced sitelinks gives you proper quality score.
  • Enhanced links is quite beneficial as your link land on multiple pages which is relevant to your links like if your sitelink is for pizza then it relates to most of the pizza corners and other such relevant eateries and cross sell the products. It reaches to more and more searchers. In this sense sitelinks proves good to the entrepreneurs who are running small businesses.
  • Enhanced sitelinks is a biggest competition advantage as it reaches to large audiences.
  • Enhanced links also helps in brand awareness like sitelinks always includes social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Somehow social media websites are promoting along with your product unknowingly.
  • It has been seen that enhanced sitelinks works for every kind of PPC campaign like local, e-commerce, lead generation, etc.
  • Enhanced sitelinks allows advertisers to optimize for multiple landing pages and force them to action.
  • Via enhanced sitelinks you can set alternate conversion path which gives more option to searchers and easily land to the neediest page.


As you can see from above benefits that sitelink is quite powerful and make your ads more effective.

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