Be prepared for your Google Author Rank

It is hailed as one of the biggest things in the coming across. The measurement of the authority of the people writing content on the websites/blogs, articles etc. is known as Google author rank. Hence, the best of the search engines like Google is not going to be creating a ranking of the websites just simply on the basis of the domain name and also the authority. Now the reputation of the authors that is the writer of the contents will hold in good stead towards ranking websites on the Internet. There has been a long discussion regarding ways of improvement of the searches’ qualities that has been conducted by Google and they are proposing the linking of searches to the digital signatures of the agents and the authors.

The difference between the author rank and the traditional SEO is that the former relies very heavily upon the social media. Initially there is a need for the author to make a Google Plus profile. Then there will be a linking between the profile and the written content of them by the use of the code that has been provided by Google. There is an importance related to the inclusion of this code, as it needs to link back the authors of Google plus profile.

google author rank

Similar to the page rank, a number of signals are utilized by Google for the purpose of determining the author rank. The important factors are the popularity surrounding the content and the received engagement. The fact that needs to be realized is that with increasing volume of the content written by the author on a given subject, the chances of getting the higher rank will be much more on that specific topic.

The results of the Google author rank are highlighted since a picture taken of the author and also the circles of them in Google plus is highlighted. Besides making the results more visible, exposure is also given to the other different contents that are written by the author since there is an opportunity for the user to be able to visit the Google plus profile of the author.

The basis of ranking of the authors will be on the:

  • The total number of people that exist in the circles of Google plus and the total strength of the online presence of the followers
  • Activities of the social media like the shares, likes, tweets, +1s etc
  • The quality and the quantity of the comments and an engagement in a two way manner with the audience
  • The consistency and the quality along with the volume of the links inbound to the contents of the author
  • The strength of the presence online of the people making the comments up and also doing the interaction
  • The website authority and also the domain upon which the content of the author pops up
  • It would not be a surprise to any if in some point of time in due course, Google comes up with a kind of accreditation of ranking the top author

It is difficult to predict the success and also the impact of the Author rank of Google unless one is within the organization itself. However, obviously there is a need to be ready for the change in the best way one can. One thing for sure, that a much more human dimension is sure to step in to the SEO and the content marketing.

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