Avoid 5 Hashtag #Mistakes on Twitter

The major focus these days is on on Facebook, its hashtag introduction. But the hashtag is something most people associate with Twitter. The “#” symbol, known as hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. The tag was created purely by Twitter users to classify messages.

Using properly will give you a huge benefit on twitter. Hashtags categorize your tweets in a way to be easily found in searches. These tags also facilitates people find your tweets and brand pages to attract followers. It will boost your online visibility quickly and easily. However, you need to avoid making blunders here.


Listed below are some of the most common #hashtag social media mistakes you must avoid:

1.      Be Wary of Abbreviations

It is true that you need to fit tweets into a 140 character box. However, it is important to check your abbreviations prior to letting loose with a hashtag that provides you with a diverse intention. For instance, if you wish to write, “what’s the focus this month”, and if abbreviation is used it goes “WTF this month”. This will make your tweet weird for your readers.

2.      Avoiding Long Hashtags

You must avoid overly long hashtags. They are unsightly and can really ruin your tweet. These tags are usually considered to be an eyesore. It takes a lot of efforts while reading them. Since hashtags are devoid of any space, it is always better to make them short. If you don’t do this, the individuals will definitely skip right over them. Hence, it is important to always try and create very short and sweet hashtags.

3.      Spaces and Punctuation

It is not good to use a lot of spaces or punctuation in your hashtags. This will end the hashtag right at the exact spot where you use them. In all likelihood, this practise will result in your hashtag not making any sense. It will not say what it is meant to and appear irrelevant. For other twitter users, the brand will be perceived as clumsy to some extent in the Twitterverse.

4.      No Politics

These days, social media has become an area where political issues are discussed. But this definitely not the best place to discuss politics. Understand that there are certain things that just don’t require being said through Twitter and Hashtags. What will happen if you forget to logout your company Twitter account? Well this is what happened to the famous case of a KitchenAid social media employee. She literally forgot to logout of the official account and posted an Anti-Obama rant from that one. This went on to remain on company’s account she lost her job. So the best thing to do is to stay out of politics on twitter.

5.      No Difficult to Read Hashtags for Twitter

This is very important to keep in mind. People would not be interested in reading hashtags that are very difficult or complicated to read and understand. Hence, it is necessary that you create easy to read and understand hashtags. Go for ones that relevant to what you wish to convey to help users can get a clear understanding of the related discussion right from the start.

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