ATTRACTIVE Features Of Enhanced Adwords Campaign

Google has introduced the different type of ad campaign in Adwords named “Enhanced Adwords Campaign.” This new Enhanced Adwords Campaign will help the advertisers to make their campaign more powerful for the multi-device world, to make more optimized user context ads and to make advanced reports to measure conversion types. All in all we can say that now you don’t have to analyze your campaigns for Desktops, Mobiles and Tablets, you can make one Hybrid Campaign and can enhance your business with just one campaign. By introducing Enhanced Adwords campaign, Google wants to show advertisers that consumers are moving around the devices to accomplish a single task like from PC to laptop, laptop to Smartphone and more.

adwords enhanced campaign

Most Attractive Features of Enhanced Adwords Campaign

1. New Bid Management Option – One of the most attractive feature of Enhanced Adwords Campaign is that if any advertiser wants to target the consumer based on context like to those consumers searching on mobile device or consumers searching near to the store then advertiser can set specific bid for this type of consumer.

Ex – If a Pizza store owner wants to target those consumers near to his store and searching for “pizza” on a smartphone with the help of bid adjustments advertiser can set the different-2 bid for consumers near to the store and consumers far away from the store.

2. Device Based Ads – The second most interesting feature is that advertiser can target multiple device users with one campaign. Now Advertiser can make the different-2 type of ads based on device, like if an advertiser have a website and also a physical store then he can make one ad for consumers searching on desktop and another for mobile user with place information.

Ex – A Pizza store owner can target different ads for consumers seraching on desktop with “Order online” call of action and different for consumers searching on smartphone with “walk in” witn just one enhanced campaign.

3. New Reporting System – With a new enhanced adwords campaign for sure you need more impressive conversion measuring report. With this advanced reporting system now advertisers can measure the response of consumers on Click to Call and app downloads too with other conversions like leads and sales. Now you can analyze the total value of your campaign by easily count calls and downloads as conversion on Enhanced Adwords campaign reports.

I found that many online marketing Gurus found this new Adwords Enhanced campaign not so worthy in terms of advertiser’s benefits, as Barry Schwartz said “Yea, that is nice in theory. But I think advertisers may want more control, not less. Of course, Google wants more advertisers, more spend, more impressions and higher CPCs.”

Google mentioned that Enhanced Adwords campaign will be soon enable for the advertisers in next few weeks. What do you think about this new Enhanced Campaign, do you like it or not? please share your views with us.

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