How To Analyze Your Video Marketing Performance?

Video marketing surely is one of the best ways to advertise about your products in the market. After all, people get convinced more and learn more about the product after directly watching the video rather than reading long articles. But simply creating videos is not going to help; you will have to analyze them, too. You should know how their performance is and how effective they have been.


The videos can be posted on different platforms like YouTube (the most popular one), posting on facebook ( if you have a fan page), sending links to e-mail IDs and Television, too. Following are the ways to analyze your video performance in each platform.


 video marketing performance


YouTube Video Marketing:

What I will suggest you is always try to post each of your marketing videos on YouTube because it is the best platform to share videos. You can analyze a lot of things about your video on YouTube:


  • Number of views/likes/dislikes/shares: You can easily know how good your video has been performing by looking at these stats. If there a lot of likes, then you are good to go ahead. If there are a lot of dislikes, then it’s time to look out for alternatives and change the way you are creating videos.
  • Comments: Comments are the best way to analyze how your video has been doing. Try to read every comment (if possible), and think about the trueness. Check if what people are asking is possible or not. Even possible, reply to their comments and ask about other things as well.
  • Demographic Stats: With this function, you can know people of which country are most appealed by your products. You can know which country to focus more and which can be neglected. This can be a great way to analyze your video performance demography wise.
  • Monitor Viewer Drop Off : This feature  lets you know where your viewers stop watching your video, where they watch multiple times and where they watch  continuously. If they watch the starting of the video multiple times, then you have a great introduction. If they switch directly to the middle of the video, after watching the intro, then your intro is boring and possibly horrible. And if they do not watch the video at all after watching the intro, then it’s time to take serious consideration about the video. This is a great feature which helps to analyze your video performance.
  • Fluctuation in subscribers: If there is a huge increase in subscribers, then your videos are doing great. Just keep on going. If the number of subscriber is not increasing at all (or perhaps decreasing even), then it’s the time to make new consideration for the videos you post.


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Facebook Video Marketing:

Facebook can be another great platform to measure your video marketing performance. You can ask the user to do three different things:



  • If they do not like the topic at all, they can scroll down and do not watch anything. This means people are really not interested in this topic you have shared. If the interaction with the video is too low. Then it’s the time to change the things you are dealing with.
  • If they like the video, they can click on the like button. This means they watched your video and they liked it. You are good to go. ( But liking the video, does not mean they watched it, but it’s just an assumption)
  • If they loved the video, then they will definitely share it. From this, you can infer that people have loved your idea and your creation is worth a share. You are great to go ahead!
  • And if people do not like your video at all, they can comment (which you can for)what they didn’t like about the video and what they liked in particular. This way, you can have a lot of feedback about your video and analyze it’s performance easily.
  • Other thing that you can do after posting a video is you can ask a question about the video (face book has “ask a question” feature which you probably knew already). This is another great way to analyze your video performance.


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This way Facebook can be a great platform to analyze your marketing performance. Though, you will not get 100% support (or may be not even 50%), but you will have a rough idea what’s your video is like.


E-mail Video Marketing:

E-mail can be another great way to analyze your video marketing performance. You can directly ask for the compliments on the video to your subscribers. Or you can ask to tick out a few questions to know who your video did. Off course, not all the people will participate. But it certainly will give you a rough idea what your video was like!


These are few most popular ways of Analyzing marketing video performances, which I usually follow. What is it you like the most?


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