[MONDAY PPC Tips] Use Adwords Filters To Analyze Your Campaigns

If you are reading this post, then you should most probably know what Adwords Filters are. Well, if you do not know anything or are not clear about it, then first let us know what filters are.

What are Adwords Filters?

Adwords is a great platform that not only lets you place your ads, but also know about how well you are performing, what’s working, what is not working, what needs to be improved, what can be improved, which people are interested, how good is the conversion rate and so on. In a sense, Adwords is the source of solid chunk of very informative data.

You might not need this whole amount of data every time you check Adwords statistics. That’s where Adwords filters’ role comes into play. Adwords filters are tools that remove (or filter) the un-important statistics (or data). That said, these filters offer you the data you are most interested in. You can choose which data you are interested in from your Adwords account. Once you choose that and save, the next time you log in, you will only see the data you are interested in.

How to use Adwords Filters for better PPC?

PPC campaigns are all about how well you use the data given. If you can use the data from Adwords filter optimally, then you can surely perform a better PPC campaign. Following are the data you need to focus on to do that:

  1. Keywords that have a high conversion rate: PPC is all about selecting the best keywords for your displayed ads. And if you can know which keywords are making the most lucrative conversions, you can also do a better and more sensible PPC campaign. These data can be easily obtained from Adwords filters.
  2. Keywords having impressions but no clicks (or very less clicks): If the clicks are very low for a certain keyword (even though there are a lot of impressions), then there’s no need of spending money on it. What good is impressions, when there are no clicks, because conversions are only possible after clicks.
  3. Cost effective keywords: It is always great to know the keywords that are making the most conversions. But is also important to note that whether they come into your budget. You can always look for effective yet economical keywords ( the ones that have less competition but reasonable conversion rates). This type of data can be obtained from Adwords filters easily.
  4. Positions of ads: The filters also let you know the average position of the ads. The ads, if accordingly displayed, can then make more conversions. There is no extra cost needed in this, but just the rational use of available data.
  5. Generating Negative Keywords: If you are not mentioning the negative keywords in your PPC campaign, then you suffer big loss. Because people not interested in your ads will see and click on them instead of the interested ones. Your potential customers will never reach you and you will lose money on non-potential customers . It surely cannot get any worse than that for an internet marketer. So, mentioning negative keywords is a must and to do that, the Adwords filters can help you. The filters can help you chose all the non potential keywords. This can help you invite only the interested and potential customers making your PPC campaign go successful.

Final Words:

PPC campaigns are all about proper utilization and management of data. Adwords filters can help you provide that particular data. So, an optimal use of data from Adwords filters can always help you to perform better PPC campaigns.

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