7 Steps to Optimize a Blog for Mobile Devices

In contemporary society many people are using the Internet whilst out and about. This subsequently means that a mobile device friendly blog has become a real investment. Generally speaking, a mobile user hopes to find key information quickly and efficiently, so it is imperative that your blog is easy to navigate from a mobile device. With this in mind, here are a number of handy tips to help you optimize your blog for mobile devices.

blog optimization for mobile devices

1. Simplicity is imperative

When designing your blog is it important that you consider that the lack of screen space on a mobile device. For this reason, you must only include key information on your blog’s mobile version.

2. Easy navigation and site layout

You must remember that mobile devices have a tendency to be slower than stationary devices and therefore you will need to include all of the crucial information in as few pages as possible. It is likely that users will not have the time or the patience to navigate through several pages in order to find a piece of key information.

3. Do not veer away from your original branding

By using the same branding as you do on your standard blog you will be able to promote your brand/service whilst appearing more user-friendly to your current visitors. Continuity between your mobile and standard site is a very important aspect which is often overlooked.

4. Avoid Flash and Java

Flash and Java are not supported by a large number of mobile devices including those produced by the popular brand Apple, so avoid using Java and Flash on your site’s mobile version.

5. Design an intelligent site

An intelligent site will include redirects that will enable it to recognize a user who is accessing the website from a mobile device. For their convenience, you will then be able to direct them to your blog’s on-the-go version.

6. Less typing equals more mobile user-friendly

It is true that typing can be extremely time consuming on a mobile device. Incorporate dropdown menus and checklists into the design of your blog’s mobile version where possible in order to aid your visitors and reduce this problem to an absolute minimum.

7. Ensure easy navigation between standard and mobile version of your site

Consider the fact that you will not be able to include everything on your site’s mobile version, so ensure easy access to your standard site.

Optimizing your blog for mobile users will undoubtedly offer new and exciting possibilities for your followers. You will be able to steadily increase the number of visitors to your site over time by providing them with easily accessible information whilst on the go. These simple tips may be applied to different types of websites. Mobile optimization is certainly a crucial aspect in the world of e-commerce should you wish to market your products or services online whilst reaching the maximum number of potential users and clients. Check out an efficient mobile version of a free classifieds website to get an idea of the direction you need to be heading with your site’s mobile optimization.

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