6 Tips to Improve Your Photo Blog

There are many blogs on the Internet today, and some of them are dedicated to solely showcasing photos. Sites like Tumblr are notorious for containing photo blogs, and many people find themselves spending a great deal of time scrolling through the many different images that adorn these pieces.

photo blogging

Readers respond to images, but since there are so many photo blogs on the Internet today, your image is constantly competing for attention. This is why it’s important that your photo blog contain attractive images.

Using the right photo is important to the overall success of your photo blog. If you have a photo blog, you need to utilize the following tricks and tips to help you increase your viewership and stand out among all the other photo blogs on the Internet.

Use editing software.

One of the best ways to make your photo stand out is to use editing software to make your images look as good as possible, yet as natural as possible. When images are over-edited, they lose their appeal to the audience. (Remember: people are always more interested in seeing celebrities in their natural state than full of makeup and photoshopped.) Editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, iPhoto and Adobe Lightroom are great tools for photo editing.

Post only your great photos.

Some photo bloggers make the mistake of posting every single photo they take, and this can be hurting your blog. As a rule of thumb, you should only post your best photos. If you post a combination of great photos with not-so-great photos, your great ones will not have much of an appeal as they would if they were surrounded by other great photos.

Make them a decent size.

Medium to large photos are always the best to use on a blog. This way, your audience can easily see all the details, and the photo will stand out among anything else on your site. When your photos are too small, they don’t have as much of an impact on your audience, or you force them to try  and zoom in on it, which can affect its resolution.

Tell a story.

The most successful photo blogs are those that contain images that tell a story. Let the photo do most of the talking, but share a blurb about the photo so that your audience truly knows what the image is depicting.

Have a style.

When you use photos that use the same style of shots, you are creating a brand for your photography. This is a great way to build a reputation as a photographer, as people will start to associate your name with your work.


The best tip to having a great photo blog is to practice being the best photographer you can possibly be. Try new shots, get creative with lighting or views and see what you can create. Continuing to practice your craft will allow you to constantly take the best possible photos and earn viewership.

Photo blogs are popular, and if you’re a photographer, you may have a photo blog to showcase your talent. If you want your photo blog to stand out from the crowd, you need to utilize these tips and tricks.

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