6 SEO Basics Your Web Designer Needs To Know

Why SEO is important? Why a web designer should know SEO basics? These are few questions which arose in everyone’s mind. Web designer is the one who design your business website and SEO helps in increasing traffic to that website but there are some SEO tips which a designer must know to make it SEO friendly. There are numbers of factors which search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other uses that conclude website ranking and web traffic. These factors also judge the website structure also. If we go in the depth of SEO then the optimization process begins from web designing or development. If the website is structured SEO friendly then it will proves good for the future of your business.

seo for web designer

For web designers there are some SEO basics below:

Restrict using flash

For designers flash is really a good thing. It is obvious to say that web designers can build a catchy website by using flash but the fact is, flash is not SEO friendly. Any website designed in flash cannot be crawl by search engines because it doesn’t consists of any HTML coding.  Flash website also cannot be viewed on Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Use on HTML Coding

Apart from flash a website can also built in JavaScript and just like flash search engines also would not able to read JavaScript. So always be careful to use HTML coding not JavaScript.

 Be aware from frames

While designing any website always try to get rid of frames. Sometimes frame create problem for search engines because there are some search engines which would note able to read frames.

Search engine friendly URLs

While designing any website always keep your eye on subpage URLs. Always make sure that your subpage title comes in subpage URL. Let’s suppose you have a subpage of contact, it means constructed subpage URL is like www.(siteneme)/contacts. This makes your site search engine friendly and search engine give you higher ranking which increases web traffic on your site.

No duplicate content and URL

Content is a king of every website and duplicate content is always bad for SEO. Sometimes there are duplicate URLs crawl in search engines which is good. It can affect page ranking of site. To avoid such duplicate issues always place 301 redirects which helps in crawling only one original version of site in search engines.

Know keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the SEO techniques. If any client gives the SEO keyword researches to web designer then what? For that case a web designer should know the basics of keyword research. The biggest search engine Google has an excellent and free tool to use i.e. Google Keyword Tool. This tool will helps you in SEO you just only keep in mind about the product and services of the website.

It is try that industry of SEO is changing very frequently but basics will never change. So get ready to learn these SEO basics.

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