5 Factors to Consider When Finding Your Keywords

Many people break out in a cold sweat and their heart beats faster when they think about having to come up with keywords. You need to get the right words that will bring in the rankings that you need or the traffic that you want.

When you come up with the keywords that you are going with for the next 3 to 6 months, you want them to deliver. There is too much work involved once you start the optimization and link building process to change them. So how do you know what the right keywords are for your project? Here are five clues to get you going in the right direction.

finding keywords

Keyword Relevance

This is probably the most important thing to take into consideration when choosing keywords. You must have a keyword that is relevant to the subject matter on the page. If you get the traffic with a good keyword but then have a poor conversion rate, it does you no good. It is better to sacrifice some search volume than to have keywords that don’t match the page you’re trying to rank.

Keyword Search Volume

It obviously does not help to optimize for a phrase or a keyword that no one is searching for. This is why you need to research the search volume to be sure that the keyword you are using will drive traffic. But what if the terms that you are using for your page have a low search volume; how do you handle that? Well since you want the keywords to be relevant you can try to use a synonym of the keyword or, if it is a phrase, try breaking it in smaller pieces. They may not be looking for your entire phrase but it could work in smaller pieces.

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Keyword Competition

Figure out who is outranking you for your keyword choice. Is there any chance of you outranking them? The best way to see who has the keyword you want is by doing a search on Google with the personalization turned off. Once you see what comes up it will give you a good idea of what is going on. You will see who your competitors are.

Keyword ROI

Is your keyword a valuable one? Will you get the results you are looking for with it? Will it bring in the conversions? Long tail keywords tend to convert better and quicker than the short tail keywords do. Keep this in mind when making decisions about pages and keywords.

Keyword Intent

The type of user that comes to your page can be controlled by the keywords you use. Including calls to action in your keyword phrases can help encourage more conversions. If you want to get users that are just starting their search, using broader terms is a better idea.

Getting the outcome you want has a lot to do with the keywords you use. So choose your keywords and phrases well. Make them work for you instead of against you and you will come out on top.


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