5 Basic & Productive Tips for LinkedIn Users

LinkedIn is the best platform for professionals to connect with each other and it is the most trusted online site to get jobs easier. But are we using the LinkedIn properly? One expert says that we are doing lot of mistakes on LinkedIn which act as a pitfall that restrict us from getting what we really want.
Here I mentioned some productive and basic tips for you to increase your authority in LinkedIn.

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Don’t use it as a Job Portal Site – Most people use LinkedIn for just submitting their resume and wait for the job to knock their door. LinkedIn is not a job portal site as you think, it’s a good platform for you to connect with Professionals in your field easily and enhance your skills.

Having Incomplete Profile – How many of you reading this article have 100% completed profile in LinkedIn? An empty profile does not do what you want; add some basic information, working experience history and skills about yourself that may attract companies to hire you.

Choose Right Groups – There are number of groups on LinkedIn so you may be confused of which group to join. So starts it from the basic. Join in any of alumni group then join in your industry specific group. While joining don’t forget to check the number of people and connections the group has.
Share Valuable memes – Don’t be dump on LinkedIn, participate actively and share memes about your industry with your connected friends.

Building Connections – This is the most important thing you need to consider while using LinkedIn. Number of connection you have will raise your profile authority and helps in good indexation in search engine. Don’t spam LinkedIn by giving number of friend request to all users; be professional in building your circle.

LinkedIn Answers – I think most of the users are not aware of this great feature of LinkedIn. It’s like Q&A answer model, where people ask questions and the group will answer for it that helps in building a healthy relationship.
If you own a blog you can even generate a blog post based on the problems posted by the users and share the link with them; this will surely improve your authority and boost your search rankings.

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Roy Stephen is a writer, blogger and social media enthusiasts who had worked previously for various firms to leverage their rankings. He currently writes for the site Hostgator coupon code, a site where you can get coupon code and also Hostgator tutorials to guide you in hosting.

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