3 Things Call Centers Can Do In Addition To Taking Messages

For a business to use a call center or answering service, especially after hours, is nothing new. These services have been around for years, but busy professionals and business owners may not be aware of the suite of support services call centres have to offer.

Telephone Customer Service

Call centers with staffs trained to provide complete customer service on the telephone are widely available. These operations can learn all about a client’s product and service lines. They can handle customer service questions and take orders or set appointments. Call center staff can even be trained to upsell more products and increase sales.

A company might find it beneficial to outsource its need for dedicated telephone customer service. Value is gained because the company does not have to hire and train its own staff and install and maintain telephone systems and software.

Online Chat

Web stores can engage with customers all hours of the day, but their owners and employees might not be available to consistently deliver responsive online chat support. Online chat appeals to some customers who might shy away from picking up the telephone to ask a question. But an online chat box on a product page presents a comfortable alternative to the telephone.

Call center companies that provide online chat services typically handle the installation of the software and train the staff that will interact with the website customers. The Call center plus services available from Register.com is an example of a company set up to handle online chat for its clients.

Virtual Assistant or Receptionist

Some companies benefit from outsourcing a significant amount of their administrative and customer support services. This is often known as hiring a virtual assistant or receptionist. A call center that gives this level of support has staff with versatile skills that can perform a multitude of tasks like fixing payment problems, answering emails, responding to price quote requests, dealing with suppliers and shippers, and much more.

A business owner or manager faced with a rising workload and limited administrative resources might find value in hiring a third-party call center. Before choosing a support center, the business should get quotes from several providers to compare services and find the right fit for its budget.

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