3 Big Advantages of Local SEO to Small Businesses

There are millions of businesses worldwide, thousands in your region, and hundreds in your community. Out of these numbers, how can you make sure that your enterprise gets noticed?


I must admit that standing out in the business world is extremely tricky, especially if you are new. But there are several ways for your firm to stand out and be visible to your target market.


For example, if you are using SEO strategies, go deeper by implementing local techniques that will significantly boost your SERP ranking for geographically related queries.


Why is local marketing important?


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Most consumers are looking for products and services from local companies. For example, if you offer plumbing services in London, your potential customers are those from your city, not from Bangkok, Manila, Tokyo, or even Paris. Therefore, to target these clients, you have to seek the help of an SEO expert to optimise your website for local searches and enhance its online visibility.


Here is a better discussion on the advantages of local SEO.


Enhanced online visibility


The main purpose of online marketing is to boost your position in search engine results pages. And, as you already know, a big contributor for that is your use of keywords.


First, do the necessary research to find the ideal search terms for your niche. There are many free online tools from Google, which can help you. These include AdWords, Insights for Search, and AdSense.


Second, focus on localised keywords. The more specific they are, the lesser the competition for their usage. This means that you have a better chance of gaining a high ranking.


Using the right keywords as your primary local SEO strategy is the best way to gain a leg up the Web and boost your site’s visibility.


The reason:


When people search for something on the Internet, they usually want results that are targeted in their area. They are typically looking for products and/or services that are near their community. So by using location-based keywords, more people will see you and your offers.


Convenient Marketing


This is one of the best aspects of local SEO.


It significantly reduces your marketing costs by eliminating the need to pay for adverts on webpages that already have the most number of “clicks” or visits. You just have to focus on one important aspect—keywords. Again, this is the best way to eliminate (so to speak) your competition. If you promote your niche using an interesting and unique approach, you will have a better chance of attracting potential customers and making them click on your well-placed online ads.


Targeted campaigns


Through local SEO, you are tailoring your website to give end-users a better virtual experience. You can devise marketing campaigns that have a more personal and targeted approach for your clients.


In a gist, there is no better method of advertising than to connect to your customers in a bespoke and personal manner.




Online marketing is part of the formula for a successful business. Without it, you cannot hope to be part of or dominate this fast-paced technology-based modern industry.


About the Author:

Jonny Lis is a Digital Marketing Specialist in charge of overseeing over 300 campaigns for Smart Traffic an SEO company that provides quality services resulting in high rankings for its clients.


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